The Prayer

……………………after all is said and done, after all manner of Grace have been multiplied unto me, and peace has reigned my mind. After love has been established as a foundation in my heart and your Spirit has gained an upper hand in my life. After I have grown in wisdom and favour with men and with You, after I have given you glory and honour with my life, after I have been made perfect by submitting my words to the scrutiny of your Spirit and have learnt to skillfully manipulate every gift you have given me,

After I have learned to trust in you, believe in what you say and have grown in faith in you, After I have learned to respect the authorities you have set in place over me, After I have gained all manner of knowledge and have tapped into your promises to me via faith, After every request I make to you has been satisfied, After I have enjoyed the joy of fellowship with the brethren and joy abounds in my heart, after my fruits have been plucked and I have been pruned, after people have been blessed because you have blessed me, after I have fully fitted myself with the armour of God and Christ Himself has become my garment, After I have remembered you in my youth……..

After my time of wandering on life’s lonely road…., after the fire is over, after the ashes cool, after the keepers of the house have trembled and strong men have bowed themselves, after the grinders have ceased and the daughters of music have been brought low, after I rise up at the sound of birds and the grasshopper has become a burden, after desire has failed and I have come to understand the vanity of this life,

May I always remember that the power to choose and to exercise my will at any time is STILL and will forever be mine. May I learn to say, “Thy Will Oh Lord, Be done” and above all things, May my name never be erased from the book of life……………… May you welcome me into rest, as you say WELLDONE!

In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!

Published by Prince A. Poku

Take pains with these things; be absorbed in them, so that your progress will be evident to all. Shalom!

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