God’s Cut

Tithing in the New Testament
on tithing and eternal salvation…

A friend asked me a question pertaining to the issue of tithing and its relation to eternal salvation. “Is there a link between tithing and eternal salvation?” He asked.

Well, here are the thoughts I shared with him. I pray it blesses you and liberates you to a living relationship with the Lord.


1. God’s grace, revealed in the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus grants men access to salvation.

2. No man goes to God by himself. It is God who calls.

3. Tithing is setting apart a portion of one’s increase for God. That is to say….”to be set apart for what God requires it to be used for.”

4. The basic understanding of tithing is, giving a portion of what you have for the benefit of God’s earthly administration.

5. Salvation can never be bought because the expensive price has been paid already.

6. Tithing is not a means to getting anything from God. That’s outrageous! When God started giving to you and caring for you, where was your money? Tithing is an act of honoring God for what He gives you.

7. Tithing or not tithing will not change the fact that you are saved or not saved. If you’re not saved, no matter how huge and how often you ‘tithe,’ you’ll still die for all eternity because you’re not born of God.

8. There’s NO INSTRUCTION to tithe in the New testament like it is in the old. Before the old covenant and under the old covenant, people gave tithes out of their possessions to God for different purposes as God instructed.

a) they were instructed to give tithes to the Levitical priests to support them since they were not given any allocation of land for farming when the children of Israel settled (Numbers 18:21,24)

b) there were times, they were asked to “eat” their tithes. It’s usually called the feast tithe. (Deuteronomy 14:22–23)

c) other tithes were taken for the poor. (Deuteronomy 14:28-29)

9. In the New testament, you are not obliged to give God a tithe at a fixed percentage. Remember, under the new covenant, you belong to God. You are joined to Him in Christ. He owns you. Your whole being. Not 10%. Unlike under the old, He can ask for 100%. And you have to give it. Cos it’s for Him.

10. Remember, it’s all about honoring God with your substance  as led by His Spirit. God gives much respect and attention to those who honor Him in their hearts; those who honor Him with their whole lives and with their substance.

11. God won’t hate you or kill you if you don’t give. It won’t make you “unsaved” He still loves you anyway. But there’s an excellent way. If you’ll see higher dimensions of this New Life in Christ, cultivate the habit of consistently giving to the Lord and to the Work of the ministry; to the saints and to the lost world.

12. Finally, condition your mind and heart not to bind yourself with a percentage. Don’t limit yourself with that. There are higher grounds to scale. Plan to always outdo your previous givings. And the Lord will ensure that your capacity is increased to receive more so you can be a tremendous financial blesser to the cause of Christ.

© Prince A. Poku. March 2019

Published by Prince A. Poku

Take pains with these things; be absorbed in them, so that your progress will be evident to all. Shalom!

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